Our history started in 1968 with a suitcase full of projects and of articles in silver.

Two brothers built the origin, their children Laura and Max now keep on building the future, studying the new tendencies but safeguarding the artisan tradition. Even if we are able to work different types of metals, our core business is always the sterling silver. We use sterling silver for our production, certifying through the punching the title and the authenticity of our articles.

We pay attention to the materials, to the techniques of production and the finish of the product. Our collection is very ample both as it regards the articles and for the techniques and the used materials: frames, jewelrybox, desk articles, personal objects, articles for the house. Every article can be handmade engraved , worked to hand or printed, with skins, wood, stones or carbon. Our collections with classical style with shiny finishes to mirror, wisely you combine with incisions to chisel or guilloche, enamels or chiseled decorums, the firm it is constantly careful to the innovation of the forms and the new tendencies of design.

Master Artisans of Silver

since 1968

since 1968


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