A small selection of our collections, to illustrate the various types of products that we are able to create.


PreciousGrain Cigarette Case

PreciousGrain Cigarette Case, a touch of elegance for every smoker.Handcrafted, inside with spring bar, opening with snap button. Rice grain guilloche engraving done by hand on both butts.Possibility of personalization with initials. Standard sizes: 8×11, 8×9. Special measures are made.

Gears Silver Collection

Our Gears silver collection is inspired by gears. For a long time heart of clockmaking, the gears reveal all of their charm as silver ring and bracelet. The particular shaped plays with the lights, it remembers precision and it wishes that all “turns” for the right way without obstacles. Realized in plate of 3 mm. (ring) and 5 mm. (ring and bracelet),...
Our Twisted collection includes some silver office’s product like magnifying glass and letter opener. Their peculiarity is the characteristic spiral pattern printed in the plate. To make unique our collection this spiral decoration may be used also for frame, boxes and other furnishing accessories.

Silver buckle Butterfly

Perfect on a dress or on a pair of jeans, it allows to change the leather of the belt thanks to the special mechanism. Silver buckle Butterfly, elegance first of all. Our silver buckle Butterfly is a precious object but is suitable to every clothing style. Thanks to the special mechanism it’s suitable to more type of leather. The handmade finishing...

Rectangle Buckle In Silver

Buckle Rectangle, classical accessory for every occasion. Our buckle Rectangle is perfect on an elegant dress or on a casual style. It allows to change the leather oh the belt thanks to the special mechanism. Is carried out in microfusion and hand-finished, because a buckle in a precious metal is important. This is a product entirely realized in...

Silver Pochette Squares

Pochette Squares, a precious accessory for a special occasions. Our silver pochette Squares is completely hand-made with a guilloche decoration. The chain is removable and inside is coated with velvet or silk. The size are cm. 11×18

Silver Pillbox Soap

Silver pillbox Soap, ab elegant and precious box. Handcrafted with guilloche engraving streak decoration. The classic shape of soap and snap closure makes it very practical, the antibacterial properties of silver are guarantee of hygiene. Suitable for all people who travel a lot and have to several pills each day. This silver pillbox Soap is our article...

CarbonFibre box

CarbonFibre box, when classic meets technology.The box is completely handmade, with a mahogany interior and a carbon fiber plate mounted on the lid. Standard sizes: 13x21x4.5cm, 12x18x4cm. Special measures are made.

Simple Box

Simple box, simple, classic, timeless, completely handmade.The box can be made with the interior in mahogany wood or completely solid, with the interior mirror polished or semi-gloss. Standard sizes: 11×20, 11×17, 11×14 with height of 3 or 4 cm. Special measures are made.

Scatola Tonino

Tonino box, a great classic completely handmade.From a suggestion by a salesman of one of our customers, to whom we owe the name, this model was born many years ago, which is always up-to-date in its line.The rounded corners and the camber are made without the aid of moulds, for an object with a particular effect.The box can be made with the interior in...

Cuboid Box

Cuboid box, for fans of playing cards.Handmade in slab, interior in semi-glossy mahogany wood, it is an elegant, customizable case for playing cards. Measures 7x11x8 cm, all covered in silver or lid only.
Jewelry box Florentine, classic object timeless Our jewelry box Florentine is completely hand-made with a engraved decoration. This object is perfect for a classical bureau. The most important part si the engraving and the details seem to take life. These are the standard size: 7,5×12, 10×16 but we realized also special size.

ZebraBand Collection

ZebraBand collection, Zebrano wood enriched with silver. Our ZebraBand collection was born from the union of zebrano wood and silver. The silver strips go to add to the typilcal veins of zebrano wood for a minimal and modern design. The box closing is formed from two magnets. This collection includes also other objects like a jewel box, business card...

Silver box ToninoIncisa

Silver box ToninoIncisa, for a special box. Our silver box ToninoIncisa it’s modeled on the Tonino’s box but is enriched by engraving. The round corners and the bulges are hand-made, for a rich and precious effect. The special engraving cover all the box with a classic florentine decoration. The box can be realized with mahogany wood inside or completely...
Silver and zebrano box Zebra, a silver cap on a zebrano grain. Our silver and zebrano box Zebra was born from one our great success object realized with dark mahogany wood with cover in silver. The cover is hand-made and also the box that is created by a florentine artisan. Standard size: 11x20x4, 11x17x4, 11x14x4, 12x12x4, 9x9x4. We can realize also...

Silver tray Arched

Silver tray Arched, clean line and elegance. Our silver tray Arched was born from the union of beech wood and silver. The sweet bending of silver boardsides is completely hand-made and the base of tray is in beech painted wood. The standard size are: 24×24, 28×28, 24×32, 27×38. We realized also special size.

Lively frame in Silver

Lively frame, when color meets silver.Printed in the plate, border 1.5 cm, back in MDF wood, it is a frame for a thousand occasions with many variations of cold enamel. Standard sizes: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15. Enamels on pantone are achievable

Flat frame in Silver

Flat frame, simple and clean design, ideal for classic and modern. Printed on the plate, border 1.8 cm., back in MDF wood, it is an essential frame in the shapes that embellishes the memories to the fullest. Standard sizes: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15, 9×13. Also available with 2 lights for each size

Waves frame in Silver

Waves frame, lots of waves, 3D effect. Printed in the plate, border 3 cm, back in MDF wood, it is a flat frame that appears to be in relief, thanks to the printed wave pattern. Standard sizes: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15. Special sizes achievable with hand guilloche engraving

Striped15 silver frame

Silver frame Striped15, always in style. Our silver frame Striped15 is printed in plate, has an edge of 1,5 cm, the back is in MDF wood and it’s perfect for every furniture. Standard size: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15. We realized also special siza with guilloche engraving decoration.

Silver frame Curved5

Silver frame Curved5, great effect thanks to the bulges. Our silver frame Curved5 is printed in plate and has a edge of 5cm. The back is in MDF wood and became the super star for the size and the soft bending of the edge. Standard size: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15

Silver frame Diamonds

Silver frame Diamonds, rhombus engraving, the silver that seems to light up of diamonds. Our silver frame Diamonds is printed on plate and has an edge of 3 cm. The back is in MDF wood and the engraving decoration gives a particular light effect. Standard size: 18×24, 13×18, 10×15. We can realized also special size with hand-made guilloche engraving.

Silver frame Reeds

Silver frame Reeds, the elegance of a modern design. Our silver frame Reeds is printed in plate, has a edge of 3-2,5 cm. The back is in MDF wood and the double side reeds decoration makes it perfect for a horizontal photos. Misure standard: 18×24, 13×18

Silver frame Slope

Silver frame Slope is our article 0323CR is available in different standard size and suitable for many occasions. Our silver frame Slope has a very successful design. This is an elegant frame in every detail, its simplicity makes it adaptable to many occasions. This frame was printed in the plate and has an edge of 1,8 cm. Its back is made in MDF wood....
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