Silver Pillbox Soap

Silver pillbox Soap, ab elegant and precious box. Handcrafted with guilloche engraving streak decoration. The classic shape of soap and snap closure makes it very practical, the antibacterial properties of silver are guarantee of hygiene. Suitable for all people who travel a lot and have to several pills each day. This silver pillbox Soap is our article...

Silver Pochette Squares

Pochette Squares, a precious accessory for a special occasions. Our silver pochette Squares is completely hand-made with a guilloche decoration. The chain is removable and inside is coated with velvet or silk. The size are cm. 11×18

Rectangle Buckle In Silver

Buckle Rectangle, classical accessory for every occasion. Our buckle Rectangle is perfect on an elegant dress or on a casual style. It allows to change the leather oh the belt thanks to the special mechanism. Is carried out in microfusion and hand-finished, because a buckle in a precious metal is important. This is a product entirely realized in...

Silver buckle Butterfly

Perfect on a dress or on a pair of jeans, it allows to change the leather of the belt thanks to the special mechanism. Silver buckle Butterfly, elegance first of all. Our silver buckle Butterfly is a precious object but is suitable to every clothing style. Thanks to the special mechanism it’s suitable to more type of leather. The handmade finishing...
Our Twisted collection includes some silver office’s product like magnifying glass and letter opener. Their peculiarity is the characteristic spiral pattern printed in the plate. To make unique our collection this spiral decoration may be used also for frame, boxes and other furnishing accessories.

Gears Silver Collection

Our Gears silver collection is inspired by gears. For a long time heart of clockmaking, the gears reveal all of their charm as silver ring and bracelet. The particular shaped plays with the lights, it remembers precision and it wishes that all “turns” for the right way without obstacles. Realized in plate of 3 mm. (ring) and 5 mm. (ring and bracelet),...

PreciousGrain Cigarette Case

PreciousGrain Cigarette Case, a touch of elegance for every smoker.Handcrafted, inside with spring bar, opening with snap button. Rice grain guilloche engraving done by hand on both butts.Possibility of personalization with initials. Standard sizes: 8×11, 8×9. Special measures are made.
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