Made in Italy quality certified by TFashion traceability logo.

Since June 28th 2016 our production is totally certified as Made in Italy by Unioncamere, within Italian Chambers of Commerce traceability system (TF – Traceability and Fashion).

Each of our product is accompanied by a specific tag created by Unioncamere which includes the traceability code UFL0073A that can be verified at

Anyone purchasing one of our products would verify that relevant conception, workmanship, assembly and finishing are ceritified as Made in Italy, as fully performed inside our company.

This is an additional warranty on our products for which we have constantly looked for the best possible quality.


Sterling silver is our passion.

The choice we made is clear, we have decided to keep on following our passion, to create precious products with the metal having an everlasting appeal to us: sterling silver.
In pure grains, as plates, brilliant or smooth on a finished product, sterling siler always gives us emotion and a great pleasure in shaping it as we like, thanks to its special ductility.
We try also to show that even something usually seen as a fault as tarnishing would give any item a special color and unique taste, being the quintessential vintage effect often searched through complicated galvanic processes on other metals.
Over the years a high quantity of other laminates enclosing a small sterling silver part in their composition have been launched on the market and proposed unfairly as sterling.
On our side, we have chosen to always work 800 & 925 sterling silver plates, putting on all our products the Company hallmark FI 610, as well as the title hallmark. Our proud comes from our wrinkles of experience and the daily challenge we face to remain up with them times.
The only exception we traditionally accept is brass which is the unique non-precious metal giving good quality results after the most proper galvanic finishing, better than several others non-precious laminates: all our styles can have a silver plated brass version.
In the end, we feel like silversmiths, we have never denied our main passion and we are not intended to do it.

Grani d'argento