Handmade Engraving

The art of embellish sterling silver by engraving manually any theme on plate.
Ranging from the traditional Florentine ornamental designs to figurative, architectural and abstract art, hand engraving is unique and cannot be reproduced even through the most sophisticated machines.
Once more the different types of graver (onglette, flat, half-round, with raws) are the main part of the process along with the artisan skill and experience.
This precious technique requires time and patience and mistakes are not admitted at all; it has an ancient appeal that we protect and keep on proposing with brand new ideas.
In the past, hand engraving has been undervalued putting the product cheapness first.
We strongly believe that hand engraving on metal would need to be renovated in its contents without compromising on time needed and prices. This is the way to preserve the original allure of such workmanship, so not to threaten the efficacy and beaty of the results obtained.

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