Craft workshop

Our artisan shop, a jewel which is constantly evolving and that we particularly care about.
Here we set free our passion for sterling silver, we fully express our skills and turn plates into finished products.
This is the place witnessing all our experiments, the creation of brand new styles that can be successful or not but which are always manufactured with our greatest will to invent something new to match people taste. That’s the challenge we face every day.
We have always desired to do on our own as we like so much to look after each of our projects step by step, taking each detail under control. For this reason, through time we have tried to perform internally the biggest part of making processes and we are proud to invite you to discover our workmanships:

Bench work

Handmade and finished precious items

Guilloche engraving

Geometrical pattern with a unique shininess

Handmade engraving

The artisan and his graver, sterling silver used as a drawing sheet

CNC cutting & engraving

Customizing each object for the proper occasion


Mould creation so to produce the most complex shapes


Enhance each small detail highlighting the natural sparkle of a special metal


A small link to connect without revealing


A shaping mould, a lathe and a product has born